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Welcome to Swizz Auto Parts ! We are the leading used engines provider for your Car. We have an extensive range of auto part products as we provide you with the best automobile solutions to get the quality, economical and long-lasting used engines in a click.

If you are looking for used engines for your Car ? We are the best in the business .

Our Auto Part Store connects you straight with all junkyards and salvage yards as you compare the best offers to them. We'll share the best quality engines with warranty and the lowest price will be there. Also, we ensure you'll get the lowest price quote when looking to buy used engine near me ?

As per auto experts, a robust engine of the vehicle boosts your car performance if you’re looking for used transmissions. Both are nuts and bolts of a mechanical machine.To help this cause, Our products ensure you avail free shipping of quality used engines to upscale your driving experience. Aside from that, we'll ensure we have the return or replacement facility when the problem arises with the purchase.


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Used Engine for Sale at Reasonable Prices

Fantastic offers for used engines for sale for your owned car !

At Swizz Auto Parts, we have various auto part suppliers offering used engines while placing the request with us you get quotations from various salvage yards around states in the USA. We have a team of auto experts, who'll help you find the best parts near you to get free shipping.

Free Shipping

We have an extensive range of free shipping across the USA. Be rest assured, you'll not be paying extra for the engine. You can always desire used low-mileage engines and ship them to the house free of cost. Not only do you go to get the parts yourself but you can also get them delivered within 24 hours. So our used engines give you the maximum advantage to avail warranty.


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Things to Look for When Buying a Good Quality Used Engine

  • Find the parts with the right specification of existing engine
  • More miles run will have wear and tear. Condition of vehicle is important and look for lower miles whenever possible
  • Check the warranty associated with the buying of used engines

How long does the used engine last for my Car?

If you are looking for quality used engines for sale, or want to replace engine or upgrade engine performance. Mileage is the key to the things to be considered. As per quality used engines to replace or upgrade your engine performance, you’ll get the most obvious question to consider when buying used engines.

Do these essential checks before you replace or upgrade engine performance.

  • Don't skip the maintenance plan specified by the engine or car manufacturer in the maintenance plan. Always get your vehicle serviced at the right time.
  • Never ignore minute things from the engine and pull them off. When you notice an unusual sound or smell, exhaust or fuel spillage,immediately connect with the service center.
  • Ensure your engine is clean and free from dirt, sludge, and other contaminants particles.
  • Overspeeding of the engine reduces the wear and tear on the engine and prolongs the lifespan of your vehicle.

Why Choose Us ?

Swizz Auto Parts ticks all the boxes when it comes to giving cheap used engines.

Managed Team

Our used engine team provides quick customer service for make and model. We take care of repairs/ upgrades to perfect quality engine needs.

Round- The- clock Customer Support

We have a dedicated round-the-clock support team with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject. Team undergoes extensive training to fix the issue.

Quick Replacement Process

We do have association with manufacturers and remanufactures in the local vicinity.The quality team assures that your engine performance is not compromised after replacement. Get an instant free replacement for manufacturing defects with zero hassles.

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