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Your vehicle s engine and transmission are two of its most vital auto parts. Without either, your car simply won't run. Chicagoland lends itself to all sorts of hazards to the longevity of your engine and transmission. City driving, poor roadways, and the changing seasons all have an effect on the inner workings of your car or truck. Below you'll learn why these auto parts in particular are so important and some of the most common problems drivers encounter with them.

Engine Installation Services

Think of the engine of your vehicle as its heart. The engine takes the gasoline you put into your fuel tank and converts it into energy which gets the wheels turning. It does this using internal combustion. However, there are several things that can hinder a car’s engine from burning fuel efficiently and creating this motion. Your engine may fail to start, you may see the temperature climb to a dangerous level, or you’ll see the “check engine” light turn on. There are many reasons for these things happening, and by taking your car into the shop, a trained mechanic can diagnose the problem and fix it. We cure any and all problems with your engine from dirty air filters to broken cooling fans or blown had gaskets.

Transmission Installation:

Your vehicle’s transmission is a mechanical system that changes the gear of your vehicle. Basically, it helps apply different levels of power from the engine. It is an intricate and complex system with many moving parts. Because of the high number of components and constant use, it is subject to a lot of wear and tear. You cannot drive without a transmission, and so it is incredibly important to keep yours maintained and to keep up on this wear and tear. If you notice unusual sounds or other problems with your transmission, it will be crucial to take your vehicle in to get professional service.

Engines and Transmission Repairing in USA

Often times, engine and transmission problems can be repaired by a professional mechanic. Things like dirty air filters, hoses, or low fluid levels are easier fixes compared to alternative issues. Repairs are often less expensive than installations and replacements, so it is a good idea to come in to the garage at the first sign of a problem. Usually, if caught early enough, issues can be repaired and you can avoid a costly replacement.

Installation & Replacement

Sometimes, an engine or transmission becomes so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired. This is especially common for older models. When this is the case, we can provide installation for replacement engines or transmissions for your vehicle. With our inventory of new and used auto parts, you're sure to get the exact part you're looking for as soon as possible and installed professionally.

Auto Parts Installation & Repair

If you encounter problems with your engine or transmission, you'll want to get your vehicle professionally services as soon as possible. Aero Auto Parts specializes in automatic and manual transmission repair and installation, serving all of Chicagoland. We offer on-site installation for all types of transmissions, motors and engines. Our technicians and staff have been serving since 1985 give us a call today for all of your transmission repair and installation needs.


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Engine & Transmission By Popular Brands

We provide an expansive selection of auto parts for different popular brands. From essential parts like engines and transmissions, both new and old, we aim to be your comprehensive resource for your automotive needs. Our skilled team is equipped with a high understanding of the unique needs of different brands and models, allowing us to offer parts that are perfectly aligned with your vehicle. At Swizz Auto Parts, we are not suppliers; we are partners for delivering your vehicle superior quality auto parts to keep it performing optimally. The products of popular makes are below, choose your model and get a quotation.