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Used Steering Column for Sale

Steering columns are an essential utility of the vehicle. All columns include a variety of makes and models, and undergo testing to ensure performance, reliability & safety.

We understand that buying a new one costs a lot. We make it super easy to compare prices and communicate with junkyards about the part fitment. Don't hesitate in your buying experience, and it will be FREE from all junkyards.

Talking about used auto parts will help you to factory-fit performance and will last for the vehicle's lifetime. However, ensure that your replacement column includes features with the original column.

Note: At no time can you put your safety of the steering column at stake, including airbags. So seek a professional guide when you look for a professional while replacing the one.


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At Swizz Auto Parts, we bring you the top-quality used Steering Column:

If you are someone looking for the best steering column replacement ? Come to Swizz Auto Parts, at a lower price.

Don’t leave your thoughts behind. Get high-quality steering columns for all brands make and model.

We have a dedicated staff to assist in locating quality-tested steering columns for the car. You place your orders and we SHIP to your address. We have a network of junkyards throughout the US skilled in offering high-quality auto components.

You’ll get the used Steering Column at your door in 3 to 5 days with our service. If you're unhappy with your purchase, you have a certain amount of time to ask for a refund.

Contact us if you are looking to buy the steering column for sale !

Affordable OEM Steering Columns

All our salvage yards are enriched with auto parts for all the make and model numbers. We have thousands of OEM parts, including steering columns. We provide all auto parts when catering to the requirements of used steering near me.

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How to diagnose A Faulty Steering Column ?

Steering columns give you a commanding position. You can always keep the vehicle in control when you notice a faulty one putting life at stake. So check on these symptoms.

  • Difficulty in movement the steering wheel
  • You experience clicking,clunking, or weird sounds
  • Fluid leakage in power steering starts leading to difficulty in turning
  • Steering wheel can't restore the middle position after making a turn
  • Tilt function of the steering wheel doesn’t LOCK or when it loses its tilt.

If you are looking for a used steering column near me, then we cater all your auto components needs. We bring you the best ones to fit in your business. Before you go ahead and buy, go with a customized option to enhance the longevity of the car.

  • Check the replacement steering column console resembles your car
  • Bring an ignition key along with the steering column
  • Ensure there is a standard warranty on the auto parts
  • Bring a mechanic to investigate the before buying them
  • Always get the ignition key handy along with the steering column

You'll get authentic used OEM steering columns in ideal shape. Our experts do rounds of inspection before adding them to inventory.

Why Buy a Steering Column from Us ?

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All our auto parts are tested prior to being added to the inventory.

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All our used auto parts give 100% satisfaction for the trustworthy experience while shopping with us.

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We provide call on call with round-the-call assistance for all associated queries.

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