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Best Tested Used AMC Engine for sale

If you are searching for a used AMC engine, then no need to look further for it, Swizz Auto is offering used AMC engines for sale at low prices. You will get the quality checked pre-owned engine adding life to your car. The vehicle performs better with the used engines from Swizz Auto. Whether you are searching for the AMC 304 crate engine, AMC 360 engine for sale, or any other engine, we are available with engines of all makes and models.

High-Quality Used Parts

Swizz Auto is a USA-based supplier of automotive machine parts like engines and transmissions. We offer used car parts at reasonable prices so that you will not be stressed about replacing the damaged parts. You can get high-quality parts to deliver to your location anywhere in the USA. AMC 304 crate engine and AMC 401 engine for sale are available in our inventory if you are searching for them.


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Swizz Auto sources the auto parts from the junkyards where the scrap cars are kept for dismantling. We procure the dismantled auto parts that can be reused and after the deep inspection and treatment by our expert team, they are availed for reselling. The top-notch quality 4.2 AMC engine is available in our inventories and ready to ship.

To get the engine for replacement, you search it on stores nearby but not getting, no issue, as we deliver rebuilt or used engines like AMC 304 crate engine or any other of all brand cars that are easily available. Swizz Auto offers nationwide free shipping, returns, and refunds on used engines all over the USA. We are a credible auto parts supplier in the country having hard-working staff dedicated to serve 24/7 to our customers.

Why Purchase Used Acura Engines ?

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We provide free shipping on all used Honda Engines with standard and extendable warranty.

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All engines are well-certified and checked by auto experts for long-lasting performance.

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Our inventories from the US network house all the essential used auto parts at unbeatable prices.

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We give quality assurance on all our used auto parts for longevity of the vehicle.

Brief about the AMC and its produced Engines

American Motors Company was formed in 1954 after the merged Nash Motor Company and Hudson Motor Car. Americal Motor Company is credited for its technical innovations in the American Automobile industry.

American Motors included small cars

  • Rambler American
  • Nash Rambler
  • Pacer
  • Gremlin
  • Hornet

Intermediate/ full-size cars

  • Ambassador
  • Rebel
  • Matador
  • Rambler Classic

Muscle Cars

  • Marlin
  • Javelin
  • AMX

Four-wheel drive variants of the

  • Eagle
  • Jeep Wagoneer

Engines produced by the AMC

Americal Motors are not limited to the production of vehicles, they also produce the engines used by AMC vehicles. AMC 401 engine, AMC 360 crate engine, AMC 304 crate engine, AMC 360 engine, and 4.2 AMC engine are some engines by AMC. Engines made by the American Motors are:

1.) Four-cylinder engines

  • Air-cooled 108
  • Renault 126 turbodiesel
  • Pontiac 151
  • Audi/VW 121
  • AMC 150

2.) Six-cylinder engines

  • Nash and Hudson's beginnings
  • Kaiser 230
  • Buick 225
  • Rambler 195.6
  • General Motors V6
  • The Modern Era I-6

V8 Engines

  • AMC Short-Deck V8 square port exhaust/ AMC Gen2 V8
  • AMC Rambler V8 10" Tall Deck/ AMC Gen1 V8
  • AMC Raised-Deck V8 dog leg port exhaust/ AMC Gen3 V8