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Used ABS Module for Sale

ABS( Anti-lock Braking System) is a critical component of vehicle brake systems. Monitoring the speed wheels are spinning and modifying the traction system— to prevent skidding and improve driver control. Quality-tested ABS modules offer cost-effective ways on parts instead of buying from dealerships.

Do you want to replace the faulty ABS module? Come to our platform and take advantage of the used ABS module. At Swizz Auto, find a distinguished selection of quality-tested and certified ABS modules for giving optimal performance. However, you should not worry and take advantage of prices that are easy on pocket – to get ABS make and model no.

Stop settling with compromised auto parts! Start making savvy decisions with Used ABS !


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We provide ABS control for All Makes & Models

All hassles come to an end before you buy a used ABS control module ! Don’t get anything to find the perfect fit vehicle in no time– at incredible values.

We have a chain of network junkyards across the US that provides ABS modules for sale to replace old ABS modules. After all, we are not limited to a specific auto part, check options for used transfer cases if looking for replacement.

  • Easy to install and maintain maximum performance at all times
  • Robust ABS module offers superior strength and durability to withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations.
  • Quality-tested by auto experts for no follow-ups

Why Choose Swizz Auto Parts?

Swizz Auto Parts suffice all your ABS modules to fit in car needs. Before adding any ABS module to our inventory, you can hand-pick from the state-of-the-art inventory to find the ABS module. Moreover, we have an enriched inventory of ABS pump replacement, and ABS sensor replacement to cater auto part needs.

We check all the dents or cracks if there are any signs of wear and tear. Moreover, we are excited to get you top-notch genuine used parts.

All our products come with a 30-days FREE warranty on all the products to imbibe customers with a positive experience.

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Identify Faulty ABS Module - Signs and Symptoms

These are the obvious signs that help you detect ABS control module issues :

ABS Warning Light Glows

The most common signs of having problems with ABS. Be aware that the dashboard ABS warning light is supposed to come on a few seconds when you start a vehicle. While driving if the ABS light goes away take mechanic help. The light helps your mechanic pinpoint which ABS component is causing the problem.

The Brakes Lock Up

When an ABS module fails it prevents the wheels from heavy braking. This way you’ll experience more pressure. It behaves in such an erratic manner that stops normal braking. Also, you’ll hear whining sounds that result in ABS module failure.

Here’s something to note—----- ABS system but a stuck caliper instead.

An Unresponsive Brake Pedal

Your brake pedal may slowly become unresponsive over time Start with a pedal to press a couple of times to get some braking action. Eventually, press down multiple times to get it to work, indicating a deteriorating ABS module.

However, an unresponsive brake pedal causes various issues. So get this checked by a mechanic to level the brake fluid and flush the brake system, so there’s no air in the brake lines.

Increased Pedal Effort

The fully-functional braking system is all about showing minimal efforts to slow down the moving car. When you experience little pressure , it gives a warning signal that it does not correlate with the ABS module. When the foot means the worn brake pads or a failing brake booster. And is checked by a mechanic.

Speedometer Failure

Often, the ABS control module failure affects the speedometer. It’ll either show the wrong speed, or the needle will rest at 0 mph. Now check the brake light or check light will switch — a faulty speedometer will get reasonable pointers to replace ABS. Seek mechanic help quickly.

Benefits of Buying Used ABS Module:

Used ABS Costs Less

Buying ABS modules is not an easy task. Most often the fear of overpricing may deter your decision. We have a massive junkyard to get you the used ABS module with little pricing concerns.

Environment- Friendly

Recycling the components of ABS module reduces waste. When you use reused auto parts such as ABS modules keep the material out of the landfill.

OEM Components fit in Well-

The sole purpose is to find the right ABS module that is custom-made in sync to all the models. When you buy the ABS module,you should get into the designing parts to increase the lifespan.

Why Buy Used ABS Module From Us ?

Extensive Warranty & Free Shipping

We aim to ship your orders on the same day, if ordered Monday- Friday before 5 PM IST.

Best Quality-

All our OEM parts are certified , branch-tested and inspected by experts for free shipping in the US.

Years of Experience-

Our services go beyond a team of experience in requirements for used car parts.

100 % Safe & Secure Transactions

All our experts are ready to provide dedicated customer service.

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