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Buy BMW 228i Engine:

Has your BMW car been parked idle in the garage for months? You wanted to change its 228i engine but buying a new one is out of your budget. Nothing to worry about, we will suggest a far better option. You can buy a used BMW 228i engine for your car. Many auto part dealers are offering used engines assuring quality and low prices. For low fuel consumption and high-performance assurance, buy a used BMW 228i engine from Swizz Auto. We assure the same quality and performance as the new engine. Maybe you are wondering how this is possible. Well, this is possible because we provide tested engines only. Our expert team examines all the parts of the engine thoroughly before selling. 

BMW 228i Engine:

BMW 228i Engine is a 228-horsepower twin-turbocharged inline-4 engine with 258 lb-ft of torque that cranks out a top speed of 6.3 seconds. It’s part of the new BMW Twin Power Turbo family.

Specifications of 228i engine:

Litre/Type: 2.0l Turbo inline-4 gas 

Horsepower (HP@rpm): 228 HP @5000rpm

Torque (lb-ft@rpm)- 258 pound-ft@1450rpm

228i engine of making years 2015, 2016, and 2020 are available:

BMW frequently updates its parts to improve its performance and driving experience. Many models with new updates come every year. 

If you have a car with a 228i engine of the making year 2015, 2016, or 2020 and its engine’s quality is reduced, then surely you will be looking for a replacement. Buying these engines will benefit you with the low mileage and less cost. Get the engine made in these years from us now.

The 2020 BMW 228i engine needs only 5.1 seconds to hit 60 mph. If your BMW car needs the engine to be replaced with a 228i engine, they are easily available with automatic and manual transmissions in our inventories. Buy a used BMW 228i made this year with a warranty.

The 2016 BMW 228i engine offers strong power and is fuel efficient. Buying this year-made engine can be cost-efficient. It is available in our inventory at a low cost and low mileage.

The 2015 BMW 228i engine is available with a six-speed manual transmission and eight-speed automatic transmission. 

BMW cars demand high maintenance and high-quality parts. They should be bought from reliable stores only. Buying an engine from Swizz Auto will be a wise decision taken by you for your car. The quality and long life of the engine are never compromised by us. All the products can be returned and refunded if any issue is found.