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While driving, if you experience gear stuck while shifting, screeching halt, or over-exhaustion in the engine, then maybe your transmission needs to be checked. In these cases, auto technicians advise replacing the transmission as there is no other way to go.

New or used 62TE transmission for sale; which one is best?

If your car has a 62TE transmission installed, which is damaged and needs to be changed, you can replace it with another 62TE transmission. To replace the transmission, most people search for a 62TE transmission for sale, which is common. But instead of getting the transmission replaced with a new one, we can also use pre-owned transmissions. Yes, you are reading it right. We can replace the worn-out transmission with the used 62TE transmission to lessen the expenditures on the car.

Cars need to be maintained and serviced regularly. Instead of spending a huge amount, we can choose an economical option. Used 62TE transmissions for sale are available in markets at affordable prices and high-performance assurance.

Used 62TE transmission with a warranty is available

Swizz Auto is one of the leading Auto parts dealers offering a wide collection of used auto parts. We have used transmissions for all car makes and models. Our inventory which always updates itself with new versions of auto parts consists of a used 62TE transmission with a warranty.

Avoid roaming in the market for the transmission which you can easily find online; that too with a variety of deals and offers. Buying transmission online benefits us with the reviews of the earlier clients. We can go through the reviews and testimonials of the products on an online website.

Fuel Efficient 62TE transmission

62TE transmission is the 6-speed transmission manufactured by Chrysler in 2007. The TE in 62TE indicated the transverse electronic which represents its usage in the transverse-mounted engine controlled electronically. This transmission is used in the Chrysler, Dodge, Volkswagen and Jeep.

The advancement of electronic controls and compact design makes it the preferred choice of many vehicles. This transmission provides a smooth kick-down. This transmission used in multiple vehicles remained in production till 2021 due to its high work efficiency.

This transmission can handle up to 260 lb-ft of torque. The torque-converter lock-up clutch and semi-permanent filter featured in it provide fuel efficiency. ATF+4 synthetic type 9602 fluid is used in this type of transmission.

Vehicles that have this transmission installed:

  • Dodge Avenger
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Chrysler Town and Country
  • Sebring 200
  • Dodge Grand Caravan

Things to keep in mind while buying a used 62TE transmission:

We will find multiple options to buy a used 62TE transmission. Finding a credible store out of them is a big deal. But we can choose the appropriate store keeping some points in mind-

  • The auto parts supplier you are buying the transmission from should be registered and reliable.
  • Source of the auto dealer from the place they are getting the spare parts.
  • Information about the auto parts like their history and owner should be checked by the supplier.
  • Auto parts should be leak-checked and tested by the experts.

Swizz Auto procures the used auto parts from trusted salvage yards. All the transmissions available in our inventory are checked and tested by the expert team. Its upper body, components are examined rigorously. We are known for providing premium body parts with top-notch quality.

Used 62TE transmission for sale near you

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