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Highly performing used 4R100 Transmission for sale are available

4R100 transmissions used in heavy-duty vehicles are highly durable and long-lasting. But it is the nature of vehicles to have technical issues after a time. If we experience the problem of leaking seals, overheating, or screeching halt, then the transmission might need a replacement. In this case, you will find no better replacement than the used 4R100 transmission. Used transmission at cost-effective and provide a high warranty. Searching for a 4R100 transmission for sale can be difficult as they are not in production now, but a used one is available in our inventory.

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Used 4R100 transmission for sale are available online. We can get them from a reliable online store of automotive parts. Swizz Auto is a leading auto parts store supplying used spare car components across the USA. We are filled with all the tested and checked used auto parts of all brands. The used 4R100 transmission for sale is available in the Swizz Auto with free shipping nationwide. Get the transmission at very low prices and high warranty assurance.

Find genuine used 4R100 transmission

Authentic auto parts can be sourced from an authentic dealer only. Many auto parts suppliers are supplying second-hand parts without testing which is unsafe to buy. Swizz Auto procures the used auto parts from credible salvage yards. We avail leak-checked and tested auto parts.

4R100 transmission applications:

  • Ford F-150 7700 Series (LEV-Low Emissions) (1999–2003)
  • Ford F250 - F350 - F450 - F550 Super Duty (1999–2003)
  • Ford Expedition (1999–2003)
  • Ford E-Series (1997–2004)
  • Ford Lightning (1999–2004)
  • Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition (2002–2003)
  • Ford Excursion (2000–2003)

Specifications of 4R100 Transmission:

  • 4R100, capable of handling the capacity of heavy-duty vehicles, is an automatic transmission introduced by Ford in 1998.
  • This overdrive transmission is an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission.
  • This upgraded version of E40D comes up with a higher power level. Ford’s 7.3L Power Stroke diesel engine trucks, F-series trucks, and E-series vans used the transmission from the year 1997.
  • It discontinued production after 2003 when the 5R100 came into the market.
  • This transmission comes up with a PWM (Pulse-Width Modulated) torque converter clutch solenoid to control it electronically.
  • There is an output speed sensor that helps it recognize its accurate slipping.
  • Apart from these, the transmission's oil pump is designed in such a way that it makes line pressure more efficient.
  • Output Shaft of the transmission rotates faster than the input shaft which helps the vehicle achieve a higher cruising speed at a lower engine speed.
  • Recently introduced electronic transmission controls involve the use of a separate transmission control module. Shifts are made electronically via solenoids and fluid pressure control systems that engage the optimal gear based on input from the shift controller.
  • It was more durable, could handle more torque, and solved some of the electronic problems that affected the E4OD's powertrain.

Gear ratios:

  • 1st gear- 2.71: 1
  • 2nd gear- 1.54: 1
  • 3rd gear- 1:00: 1
  • 4th gear (overdrive)- 0.71: 1
  • Reverse gear- 2.18: 1

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Rebuilt 4R100 Transmission

Another option for the replacement is a rebuilt 4R100 transmission. Rebuilt transmissions are available in our inventory and are ready to ship. Rebuilt transmissions come with replacement parts that are worn out.